<aside> 💡 Learn more about how the Great Wall of China has been modified and distorting history for the last 20 years. We sincerely ask you to look into this matter closely for the historical truth.


Searching for the Historical Truth

Where is the eastern end of the Wall?

Why and How has it been modified?

Why does this issue matter?

Distortion in Progress

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Problems Beyond the Great Wall Issue

Heard of China’s Cultural Hegemony?


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What is happening right now?

The Distortion of History: Recent changes in the extent of the Great Wall of China

China has tried to extend the scope of the Great Wall since late 1990s. Especially on June 5th 2012, Chinese National Administration of Cultural Heritage announced that the total length of the Great Wall of China is 21,196.18 km.

How far did the Wall expand?

How far off the mark is the Great Wall depicted in books?

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